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Zombie Ball-Italy

Zombie Ball-Italy

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The Karson Zombie Ball. Finest quality.

Zombie Ball. The Floating Sphere, created by Joe Karson and made famous by Neil Foster.

NOTE: Our Zombie Ball is considered one of the best on the market.

This is one of the most elegant stage and parlor mysteries ever created. A beautiful silver sphere resting on your table suddenly becomes animated when covered by a thin cloth. The sphere floats upward and then forward jutting here an there in a most dramatic and eerie manner. There is an elegance in its mysterious movements, seemingly floating under its own power.

Zombie can be made to pass around the performers body around and about and even vanish.

You are supplied with a highly polished aluminum ball, measuring 4 3/8" in diameter; an aluminum stand and our deluxe gimmick (breaks down for easy transport and storage). The sphere is designed to split in two, so that you can perform the 'silver ball to flowers' ending if you choose to do so.

We supply you with simple instructions, but a wonderful DVD is available under separate purchase called The Secrets of the Zombie Ball: Al Schneider, Jeff McBride and Tommy Wonder offer their secrets in this comprehensive DVD.

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