About us

Viking Mfg. Co. was established Sept. 15th. 1972 as a full service Magic store in McAllen, Texas. George & Carol Robinson were the first to bring a real Magic shop to the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas.

In 1976 Haenchen & Co. was purchased by us and thus began our foray into manufacturing. Haenchen & Co., operated by Fred and Vida Haenchen was established in 1931. This makes Viking-Haenchen one of the longest running Magic businesses in the U.S. As of 2022, 91 years of unbroken history.

In 1978, George purchased the rights to Brema & Co. (The Magic Shop) from Joseph Filderman, who was the owner of the CBS logo associated with Carl Brema & Son. This lead to Viking’s explosive entry into the production of what has become known as ‘The Little Brasses”.  Viking single-handedly revived the brass trick industry making some of the most exquisite brass tricks ever made.

During this period, George added the Massey Magic Co, as well as the Berg/Okito Line to his Magic holdings. Then came the Resor Magic Co., Snyder Magic, parts of Swoger Magic, parts of Kline Magic, Don Potts Magic, Hughes Magic, Gem Mfg. Co. and most recently, Collectors’ Workshop on May 15th.  2000.

The Viking Mfg. Co. stable known as VMCW, LLC is one of the world’s largest Magic producers, providing unique Magic props to performers the world over.  Only the finest materials, expert craftsmanship and advanced thinking go into every Viking/CW product. Viking is one of the most imitated companies in the Magic world, having reached the rare honor of having the most copied effects taken from any one company in current Magic history!

Viking Mfg. Co. is a Veteran run business.