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Enchanted Mirror

Enchanted Mirror

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The Enchanted Mirror was designed by our good friends Sunil and David Batra  Simplicity and elegance make this a real winner.

A glass mirror is displayed along with an 18" silk hank. The hank is used to clean the surface of the mirror when suddenly the hand appears to be stuck to the surface. In reality, as in various stories where a person passes through a mirror, the silk hank has actually penetrated the mirror and is slowly pulled through to the opposite side by the performer. The silk hank is seen to slowly pass through the solid glass mirror until it is revealed that there is not hole in the mirror! Simply an act of magic.

This is a very deceptive effect and when presented correctly looks impossible. We have presented this to knowledgeable magicians and their first exclamation is…” WOW! Looks impossible. Beautiful”.


You are supplied with the mirror on the wooden stand along with an 18” silk hank plus detailed instructions.

Mirror measures 11.5” in diameter; total height is approximately 13”


NOTE: the reflection makes the mirror look strange, but it is a normal glass mirror, no split.

SECOND: We have one unit with a very slight almost invisible defect on the mirror that is not visible within 2 feet. Works perfectly. This is a big savings for an almost invisible defect.

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