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Walking Thru Ribbon -Haenchen design

Walking Thru Ribbon -Haenchen design

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Walking Thru Ribbon -Haenchen design, haenchen, walking,


The perfect carry-around mini illusion that packs small and plays big. Haenchen's Walking Thru Ribbons is an illusion that can be carried and performed anywhere, anytime. This wonderful effect can now be performed right out in the open without the aid of cumbersome cabinets and special assistants.

A man and a woman from the audience are used, but they never get a chance to catch on. The performer shows two black ribbons with white polka dots, a length of ribbon held in each hand. He asks for the man's assistance and stretches the ribbons in front of the woman assistant, threading the two ribbons through a decorated tube, which is held by the woman waist high.

The performer now ties one of the ribbons around her waist forming a knot and gives the ends back to the male assistant. At the count of three the woman steps forward and the ribbons visibly penetrate her body and the walls of the tube! The ribbons are now seen to stretch behind her in an unbroken length.

This penetration is both stunning and visible and so easy you'll be doing it an hour after receiving it. Comes complete with ribbons, decorated tube and instructions.

NOTE: Color of tube varies, either red or blue, our choice.

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