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Viking Magic

Vesta Smoke Gimmick

Vesta Smoke Gimmick

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A revolutionary NEW smoke producing gimmick that is virtually invisible.

The Vesta Smoke Gimmick is a revolutionary invisible gimmick that hides in plain sight. This small gimmick will produce a large cloud of smoke from your empty hands at your command. Nothing hidden up your sleeve, no bulky wrist watch, nothing attached to your clothing. A very clever gimmick built into something we have used for a hundred years.

The Vesta Smoke Gimmick allows anyone to produce a playing card, coin, perform a vanish, exchange etc. accompanied by a cloud of smoke. When you need to access it or ditch it, the moves required are minimal at best.

This is a wonderful, new gimmick from our friends at R.O. Magic, Germany. Note that we have a very limited supply, so act now.

Rechargeable and refillable. Dozens of smoke clouds with one filling.

(Shhh! it's a smoke device hidden in a thumb tip).

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