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Vanishing Radio

Vanishing Radio

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Vanishing Radio: If you want to add a wonderful packs small, plays big illusion to your show, this Vanishing Radio will fill the bill. 

Tora’s Vanishing Radio is a classic. This is a large radio/CD player with aluminum and wood trim. Supplied with table and support.

The performer turns on the radio and then inserts a CD but the music doesn't play correctly, so frustrated, the performer covers the radio with a cloth and removes it from the table. He is going to take the radio off stage but decides to simply vanish the radio. He tosses the radio into the air where it vanishes; the cloth shown unmistakably empty.

This is a large and beautiful illusion that works perfectly. Vanishes in a whisper. Supplied complete, ready to perform. The dial lights up and is visible from any stage. This can actually be performed surrounded. Great for banquet-style performance or stage.

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