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Viking Magic



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A great story-telling effect with bizarre props.

This is a very limited production item from our friends in Germany, Totem. You are supplied with a hand made, artisan totem, victim and accessories. Supplied with numbered certificate of origin.

The victim (totem) is shown all around and placed on the totem platform. A stake is passed through his heart and he is further secured to the totem with a length of cord; an impossible escape. In the routine, the stake is removed and suddenly the curse is lifted and the ropes fall free from around his body; he is now free!

This is a fun, bizarre piece that should fit into most shows. Limited production; we only received 8 sets, so act now if you are interested. Story based on a legend, complete with detailed instructions plus everything you need to accomplish this effect.

Totem prop measures 9" tall x 3" wide.

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