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Torch To Cane-Torch only

Torch To Cane-Torch only

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Torch To Cane-Torch only



The performer enters carrying a lit torch. He gestures toward the torch and it visibly changes into a walking stick or cane.

We sell you the proper torch for this effect. It can be used with most appearing METAL canes (but NOT the Mikame models or the plastic Fantasio models).

Our polished aluminum torch is a full 15 3/4" long, made entirely of quality polished aluminum. The wick portion of the torch can be removed for cleaning or to repack with wick material. The lighter fluid will NOT travel down the stem as in cheaper, dangerous models. Comes complete with connecting screw set plus professional instructions.

Not sold to minors. Must be 21 years or older. Quality Metal Canes sold separately. Size: assembled size: 15 3/4" long; tip only: 4" x 1/2"; rod only" 12" x 1/4"

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