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The Tie Pitch-Tom Palmer

The Tie Pitch-Tom Palmer

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While Tom Palmer was still doing comedy magic, he was one of the funniest people in the business. The Tie Pitch was an act he put together in the early 1950s and later released to the magic fraternity in 1961. It is based upon the popular theme of a fast-talking huckster pitching his wares on a street corner - in this case, neckties.

The act offers 10 minutes of non-stop laughs and a steady stream of magic, as neckties are knotted and magically unknot, stretch, are cut and restored, vanish, and more.

You get the entire routined act, including patter and other bits of business, explanations of how the necktie effects are done, etc. Plus, the act is easy to make up with just a few standard props and other items. Re-typeset, 12 pages, illustrated.

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