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The Principles of Mentalism-Richard Osterlind

The Principles of Mentalism-Richard Osterlind

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Richard Osterlind is indisputably one of the top figures in mentalism today. He has performed internationally for the business and social elite for over 40 years and is recognized as one of the most sought-after entertainers in his field. Professionals worldwide use his material and his top-selling books and videos rate among the most acclaimed and successful in the industry.

Inside the pages of this remarkable book, Richard shares his secrets on all aspects of performing. Learn how to make your mentalism more commercial and powerful than you would have believed! Learn the secrets of effectively developing your performing style and how to deliver what people pay to see! Richard will even teach you what to think during your performance and why this is so vital!

Meant as a companion to Richard's monumental work, The Principles of Magic, this book may be his most provocative and insightful work to date. In many ways, this is a myth-busting book, taking on many misconceptions of the art and showing why they don't work in the real world (and, real-world principles they are as you'll see many of them in practical use in Richard's upcoming DVD set, Live...Without a Net!!)
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