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The Doll's House Plans-Gloye

The Doll's House Plans-Gloye

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If you have moderate skill, you can build this. Great information for your library.


Complete Building Plans and Many Ideas for variety presentation. This is the easy illusion to make! Of all the illusions in the world of magic, the Doll's House is the simplest one to build, the one that lends itself most readily to various presentations and appearances (all with the same basic house), and the one you will find least expensive to tackle.

We are speaking to the local magician, who wants a flashy, versatile, Big Trick, for his shows--from birthday parties to those occasions when he gets to use a big stage.

Here is a Mss. that covers, with excellent drawings, the building of the house and its workings. Then it moves on to variations such as a Haunted House, a Santa Claus House, and many other presentations and appearances that are easily within the range of the home-builder and the magician who likes to create his own tricks.

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