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Damir Djanis

The Delphi's Chest

The Delphi's Chest

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 The Delphi's Chest: A beautiful, handcrafted chest with a unique and original 'secret'. The Chest allows you to 'see' what is placed inside the box, yet the method is 100% impossible to discover. Honestly, no amount of searching or prodding will reveal the unique and original secret of the Delphi Box.

Playing cards, coins, keys, any small object may be used. The spectator places a small object inside the box and then locks the clasp. The performer may display the box all around, no suspicious moves, etc. and yet within seconds he has all the information he needs. I will repeat, the chest may be examined before and after. Impossible to discover the secret.

The interior of the chest will hold a poker-sized deck in the box. 

Note: if you perform in a restaurant, bar or any darkened area, you will still be able to decern the contents of the chest.

Available in aged European oak or mahogany. Each chest is carefully inspected, hand polished and signed by its creator. 

Chest measures 4.5” x 3.3/8” x 1 ¾”.


This is a Damir Djanis Creation presented exclusively by Viking Mfg. Co.

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