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Viking Magic

Tarot-One World

Tarot-One World

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New Age Tarot deck, ca. 1999.

The One World Tarot is a deck of computer-generated images that are a "fusion of traditional tarot and modern design" according to the deck creators Crystal Love and Michael Hobbs.

This deck also incorporates elements of astrology, numerology and color symbolism. The four suits represent the four elements air, water, earth and fire, and the colors and suit tokens reflect those elements. For example, the suit token for cups (water) is a starfish. The court cards show faces instead of full figures. The same face is repeated for each court card type with only the color changing for each suit. The faces on the prince and princesses are those of smiling faces of children.

Maker: US Games

Condition: open, but like new.

Ca.: 1999

From the Viking Magic Vault.
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