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Viking Magic

Split Deck Poker

Split Deck Poker

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If you are looking for a great comedy card effect that is visual. This is it!

What a terrific effect. It has it all; Comedy, Magic and Mystery. The performer displays a deck of cards that has been 'accidentally' cut in half. "Being of Scottish decent, we don't get rid of anything, so I've devised an effect I am sure you will like."

The performer spreads half the cut cards face down and has one selected. Another card is selected from the other half. The performer states that as incredible as it may seem, both cards will match. He holds up the cards and the BACKS match perfectly!.... "Oh, I'm sorry, you thought that the faces would match, now that would be a great trick...."  The performer now turns both halves around and they DO MATCH!

You are supplied with the special Jumbo Deck and complete instructions. Poker Deck size. Our choice of red or blue backs.

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