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Viking Magic

Silk Cabby Deluxe

Silk Cabby Deluxe

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Viking is proud to announce a joint venture with Sunil Batra, craftsman, designer and manufacturer. Viking will design the products and Sunil and his son David will take those designs and turn them into exquisite magical props. Our Deluxe Silk Cabby is our first collaboration, and it is a beauty. Look for more exclusive VM/SB creations to come.

Viking's Silk Cabby is considered one of the finest in design and quality. Beautiful red lacquer with black and gold accents and brass hardware. This is reminiscent of the early Owens Magic paint scheme.

Cabby is shown empty. Three white handkerchiefs are pushed into the cabby via a circular opening in the side. When the hanks are pushed out using a wind, it is seen that the white hanks have now changed colors.

Another option would be to insert red-white and blue hanks and when they are pushed out, they change into an American Flag.

This is the perfect exchange cabinet for silk hanks, ropes, sponge balls, etc.

The mechanism is silent and sure. Not fumbling, etc. Cabby can be shown empty at any time.

Cabby measures: 8.5"w x 5" d x 5.5"t

Silk hanks not supplied.

Link to Silk Frame addition: FRAME

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