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ShWand Sharpie Pen Wand

ShWand Sharpie Pen Wand

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Syd Beckman has come up with a Wand-erful way to hide and use a Sharpie maker. It is cleverly concealed inside an elegant wand made of select and rare hardwoods.

ShWand Sharpie Pen Wand-beautiful-elegant.

Simply pull the wand apart to reveal a hidden Sharpie marker. Only the tip of the Sharpie is visible. The unique construction of the ShWand makes it easy to exchange and refill the Sharpie at any time.

The ShWand measures approx 8 ¼” long x 5/8” diameter. The interior chrome metal and brass parts will last a lifetime.

Our ShWand is made of Kassod wood, which is an exotic wood from Asia, Africa and Hawaii. The tips are made from maple veneer. We also make a Rosewood version with maple ends.

Each ShWand is supplied with custom red velvet carrying case. You supply the Sharpie.

Add a touch of real elegance to your act. Don’t just pull out a pen, pull out a ShWand!

Designed and invented by Syd Beckman

Manufactured by Collectors’ Workshop

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