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Sealed Vision by Will Dexter

Sealed Vision by Will Dexter

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Will Dexter's illustrated "how to" guide on Blindfold Work and the powerful X-Ray Eye Act, both of which leave a profound impression upon any audience. This is probably due to the fact that to a lay audience, it borders on the supernatural.

You begin by talking about how some people seem to possess something paranonormal researchers have termed, "Second Sight." You further state that you will attempt to demonstrate how you have developed your own abilities in this area.

To preclude the possibility of subterfuge, you now allow members of the audience to place heavy cotton wads against your eyes and then seal them with surgical tape. To make it even more conclusive, a dark heavy blindfold is placed around your head. However, despite your vision has been completely sealed off, you are able to walk into the audience and read money, credit and business cards, pick colors, name objects, etc.

Performers, such as Kuda Bux, have built entire acts around this one headline feature. We supply Will Dexter's definitive treatise on the subject, Sealed Vision, which covers over a dozen types of blindfolds, numerous techniques and subtleties, as well as program ideas and publicity stunts such as the famous "Blindfold Drive." A must-have addition to the library of every serious magician, mentalist and stage hypnotist. 73 pages.

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