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Scotch and Soda Coin set-magnetic-Kennedy

Scotch and Soda Coin set-magnetic-Kennedy

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A copper coin changes into a US Quarter and MORE! New magnetic model with Mexican Centavo or English Penny.

Our most popular coin effect-

Place an American half dollar and a Mexican Centavo (or English Penny) style coin (a copper color coin) in a spectator's hand. Close their hand, reach in and remove the half dollar. Now "invisibly" remove the copper coin. Of course, the spectator will insist that the copper coin is still in their closed hand, but when they open it, the copper coin has, in fact vanished- and has changed to an American quarter!

Completely mechanical. New magnetic model.

Supplied with instructions, special coin set (you supply the American quarter). Easy, instant reset. No Bang Ring needed.

Your choice: Kennedy/Mexican Centavo or Kennedy/English Penny.

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