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Viking Magic

Ringer by CW

Ringer by CW

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A wonderful effect with a borrowed ring.

A CW original design. An acrylic ring display is shown and may be examined if the performer cares to. A black velvet cloth bag is placed over the hand isolating it from the outside elements.

A ring is borrowed from an audience member and caused to vanish, when suddenly a sound is heard coming from the covered hand. When the cloth bag is removed, it is discovered that the borrowed ring has found it's way to one of the fingers.

This is a very unique effect, direct and mystifying. There is a real surprise element when the ring is heard to land on a finger.

There is an added bonus routine where the spectator secretly thinks of one of the fingers on the hand and the ring appears on that finger!

Your are supplied with the acrylic hand, a beautiful tiger mahogany wooden base with brass supports, beautiful cloth covering and complete instructions.

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