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Viking Magic

Ring Vanishing Hank and Devil's Hank combo

Ring Vanishing Hank and Devil's Hank combo

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A great utility hank combo. Matching hanks.


You receive two great utility matching hanks, a Devil's Hank with large pocket and our clever Ring Vanishing Hank, made up in matching material.

Top grade cloth material plus quality construction make our utility hanks the best in the business.

Both hanks measure 21" square. Classy material, not gaudy clown-looking stuff.

Devil's Hank is used to vanish items like rings, a wrist watch, coins, etc.

Ring Vanishing Hank is used to vanish/exchange a borrowed ring. In addition, we have added a secret pocket to one corner which will allow you to show your hands empty after the 'switch' and then easily retrieve the ring or coin. Our Ring Vanishing Hank can also be used to vanish a coin by simply exchanging the gimmick, which is easily done.

NOTE: we supply you with the ring vanishing gimmick. Use your own coin.

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