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Rich Bloch's Lecture Notes-II

Rich Bloch's Lecture Notes-II

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Rich Bloch's Lecture Notes

A collection of off-beat and quite wonderful miracles with cards, newspapers, and a host of other items that can be carried in your pockets or your briefcase.

But you should buy it, if for no other reason, than to learn Mesmorize:
Borrow a deck. Allow the spectator to shuffle to his hearts content. The spectator then cuts and looks at a card. He replaces the cut portion and hands the deck back to the performer, who runs the cards before him, memorizing the deck. Performer hands deck back to the spectator. Name the card says performer. Spectator does so. Immediately, performer announces a number. Count to that number, he says. Spectator does so. The card is at that number. Not only that, you can name the location of various other cards at will.

This is a real stunner and will make a reputation for you. And don't forget the other jewels in this new edition, lecture 2001. Contains some updated material from notes #1, and some hot new items never revealed before. Guaranteed to please.

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