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Rabbitastic Illusion-Osborne

Rabbitastic Illusion-Osborne

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Osborne Illusion Plans make building easy.


The Rabbitastic Illusion is a classic effect, now made easy to build with Osborne Illusion plans: It's not a flimsy illusion, but rather a prop that looks the part.

A small, black rabbit is placed into a small cage and, after some sucker by-play, is caused to change into a white rabbit. The white rabbit is immediately covered and spun around and, instead of a white rabbit...OUT POPS YOUR LOVELY ASSISTANT! What a great illusion! Perform it up close and surrounded. It packs down small, is easy to build, and is perfect for the platform performer. Two pages plus instructions.

The plans themselves are a work of art and would make a welcome addition to any workbench or library. Three pages plus instructions.

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