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Murphy's Magic

Portable by Danny Weiser

Portable by Danny Weiser

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An incredible mind-blowing visual effect you will carry with you always.

With over 6 years of designing and fine tuning, Portable is now available for the worldwide stage!! Portable is the ultimate way to open or close a routine using a Sharpie. Spectators see a Sharpie bracelet on your wrist, and upon removing the bracelet from your arm, the sharpie becomes REAL and can be used for your next routine!!! Imagine the spectator handing the Sharpie marker back to you, you then strike it on your wrist and it becomes a bracelet!! Two possible outcomes, one great gimmick!

Portable is a unique piece of magic from Danny Weiser. It allows you to take the ordinary action of introducing a Sharpie, and creates a magical/offbeat moment only leaving your spectators begging for more!

If you use a Sharpie, then you'll need it to be PORTABLE.

    • The perfect and most magical way to introduce your very own Sharpie into any of your existing routines
    • Resets in seconds
    • Easy to learn
    • Easy to use
    • Light and durable
    • Two variations taught (Intro/Closer)
    • Each PORTABLE package comes with one custom made gimmick and link to tutorial
"Danny Weiser has taken a dull moment that's in every magician's act and turned it into a visual, magical highlight."
David Regal

"Visually stunning - damn it you fooled me!!!"
Paul Rohmany

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