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Ponsin On Conjuring

Ponsin On Conjuring

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An updated volume that should be in every magic library.

Originally published in French in 1853, this book was the first to explain exactly how the leading magicians of the day in France performed their most prized effects! Then, in 1937 S.H. Sharpe translated the text, making it available to an English audience.

Ponsin On Conjuring is full of incredible material. Even today, some of these effects are groundbreaking! There are intriguing effects with cards, with coins and a section on the Cups and Balls (Here you will find a handling using metal balls-the same idea with which Paul Gertner created a sensation!) There are impromptu effects, mental routines, effects with watches, coins, dice, handkerchiefs and more!

Ponsin On Conjuring is Printed on 4.5" by 6" Paper,
Comb-Bound and 177 Pages
©1987 2nd Ed. Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Softcover, comb-bound, 177 pages

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