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Viking Magic

Polished Coin

Polished Coin

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A JONIO-style karate coin.

Many magic enthusiasts have seen it performed in the French Drop 20th Anniversary Online Show and witnessed how it blew the audiences' mind. The coin is polished with a pocket-size handkerchief. As the coin is being polished, the handkerchief sinks in the coin and finally penetrates it.

Here is the part even magicians would be surprised: the audience can see from the front that the handkerchief stays in the coin all the way to the end and the coin can be hand out to the audience without switching. The coin can be hung from the handkerchief in the state of penetration and shown to the audience with big movements.

Despite being a coin magic, it can be performed in front of a relatively large number of people.

Enjoy this brilliant work!

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