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Viking Magic

Liberty Swindle aka Penny Whimsey

Liberty Swindle aka Penny Whimsey

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A beautiful close-up routine now produced by Viking Mfg. from solid brass.

The routine is very straightforward with some minor sleights, but there is nothing complicated or difficult. The routine begins with 8 Standing Liberty Half dollars and two brass covers. Four of the coins travel invisibly one at a time from one cover to the other. Please note that the covers are not gimmicked, and all the coins can be freely shown.

Richard Buffum discovered this great effect in Hoffmann's More Magic to the delight of close-up workers and collectors (his set is now a highly prized collectible). We have made some minor changes and additions to the routine which we feel only adds to the mystery.

This is a rare opportunity to own a highly collectible and performable piece of magic.  

The covers are turned from solid brass. The Standing Liberty Half Dollars and professional quality replica coins. Supplied complete with detailed instructions via video link.

Brass covers weigh 2.78oz each. When struck together make a very pleasing ringing sound.

Note: Custom wooden boxes will be available soon.

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