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Peerless Pen Mystery

Peerless Pen Mystery

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Dick Zimmerman created the Peerless Pens and it is a really interesting routine……it all starts out as a couple of lame jokes but turns into a surprising transposition routine.

The magician places a blue ink cartridge into a blue pen and claims that although the pen contains blue ink, it can write red. To prove it he writes a word on a card: “red” (in blue of course.) The spectator is not too impressed by this lame gag……. The magician lays the pen on the table, claims that he really could write “red” in red if he wanted to and slowly he withdraws a red pen from his pocket. Nobody is really that impressed at this point either….

He then offers to show the spectator a wonderful trick with the two pens that strikes fear into the hearts of all other magicians: The performer removes the red ink cartridge from the pen and put it in his pocket. He places the empty red pen into the spectator’s pocket. He then gives the blue pen a flick and states that now it will really write red – and only red.

The spectator opens the blue pen to discover that the ink cartridge is now red! Taking the red pen from the spectator’s pocket, the magician explains that the reason why magicians shrink in fear from doing the trick is that the spectator is always guarding the red pen. He asks him what color he thinks is inside. Inside the red pen is a yellow cartridge.

Colors of Pens or cartridges may vary!

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