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PADDLE MANIA by Joe Porper

PADDLE MANIA by Joe Porper

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A Paddle Bonanza-Joe Porper original paddles in mint condition. These were made by Joe and as you know, he isn't around to make more. I am sure who ever took over for Joe will do a fine job, but these are originals. Some may not be made again.

A collection like this is hard to come by. Some paddles are now very hard to find. If you would like to start your collection in a big way or if you are missing key units to complete your set, this offer will be hard to beat. Paddles with a couple of key effects thrown in.

10 great items for one price.

  1. Jumping Toothpick Paddle (w/Carrying Case)
  2. Toothpick Twister (w/Carrying Case)
  3. The Money Paddle (w/Carrying Case)
  4. 4-AAAAces Paddle (w/Carrying Case)
  5. Folding Key (w/Carrying Case) 
  6. Red-White-Blue Paddle (Carrying Case)
  7. The 1-2-3-4 Spot (w/Carrying Case)
  8. Changing Colors Paddle (w/Carrying Case)
  9. Just A Key
  10. Red-White-Blue Rod
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