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Orange Vase Tarbell-CW, Asian mahogany or Ebony

Orange Vase Tarbell-CW, Asian mahogany or Ebony

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An orange is caused to vanish, then double and vanish again. Beautiful Tarbell Orange Vase in Asian Mahogany or jappaned Ebony

The Tarbell Orange Vase*. Classic beauty as well as function. Destined to become a collectible.

"Exquisite!..... Truly dazzling.... Your products and skill never cease to amaze me"... Don Carlo Binetti, Italy.

The Tarbell Orange Vase has remained one of the true tests in turning skill for the wood turner. The stippling of the surface of the orange (shell and ball), can be accomplished in many ways. We developed a special ‘chattering tool’ that allowed us to simulate the skin of an orange. The vase itself is made from select Asian mahogany as are the orange and shell and the black portions (finials and legs) are made from rare-sorted-JAVANESE BLACK “SonoKeling” wood . The finish is our own blend of melamine with a lacquer overcoat and gold trim.

EFFECT: The performer displays a small vase that contains an orange. The orange is removed and suddenly multiplies into two. A silk hank is magically produced. This is used to cover the two oranges for a second and upon whisking the hank away, one orange has vanished.

The remaining orange is placed back into the vase and covered with the lid. The silk hank is tucked into the performers fist. A snap of the fingers and the silk hank changes into the orange. The vase is uncovered only to find that the orange has vanished!

You receive everything needed to accomplish this wonderful mystery. Your choice of mahogany or ebony finish.

Please note that this is a limited run and once it is sold out, we will not be turning more. 

Two versions available:

Asian Mahogany or jappaned Ebony finish.

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