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Jim Magus

Mysteries of the Runes

Mysteries of the Runes

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"Jim Magus' monograph is really quite good! He gives the reader a solid introduction to Runes and the basic vocabulary and then describes 23 magic effects and techniques using Runes... each effect is clearly described and includes examples of Jim's patter."--David Goodsell, in M-U-M magazine. "

This covers most, it not all, of the Rune effects which have appeared in magical publications over the years."--Billy McComb, in Genii magazine.

"If you are interested in doing something that will be remembered long after your card miracles have been forgotten, for the bizarrist and psychic entertainer, I highly recommend this book."--Ford Kross, in Vibrations magazine.

"Recommened to the specialist..."--Jack Griggs, in the Budget.

"A wealth of material...recommended..."--Brother Shadow, in Vibrations magazine.

"...practical, appealing ideas... some gems amidst the stones..."--Michael Webber, in Inside Magic.

"Recommended!"--Masklyn Ye Mage, in New Invocation.

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