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Viking Magic

MisMade Flag-Jr.

MisMade Flag-Jr.

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A wonderful, colorful comedy routine that goes wrong, yet ends like Magic!

MisMade Flag set-parlor size. The performer displays three silk hanks, red-white and blue. He places these inside a small bag, not noticing that one silk hank falls on the floor. He states he will create the US Flag.

He removes the silk hanks, but the stars are missing! Then he sees the missing silk hank on the floor. He tries again, but another mishap happens as the flag is now even more mis-printed.

Finally, with the help of some Magic words, the silk hanks finally change into a perfect US Flag.

A great 4th. of July effect as well as any patriotic routine.


Flag size: 12" x 18"; comes complete with all the silk hanks you need. Use your own Change bag, etc.

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