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Mental Versagtile Prediction MVP

Mental Versagtile Prediction MVP

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Thanks to Stevens Magic Emporium, we are proud to represent one of their newest mental effects: MENTAL VERSAGTILE PREDICTION (MVP).

“As a distributor of magic products with 50 years experience knowing what makes an effect “all that” this is it! Not only is the stand-alone effect mind blowing the ability to also FRAME it or CUSTOMIZE it specific to the theme of your audience is what adds the Knock Out punch. If you’re doing a corporate gig – BOOM go with the company logo, performing an intimate personal performance use photos that will resonate with your audience. You simply can’t fully grasp the power of this miracle if you just solely focus on the effect (as powerful as it is)! You have to understand it’s the ability to CUSTOMIZE your performance to the exact setting of your venue – only then will you come full circle to appreciate the INCREDBLE VERSATILITY of this mind blowing product – the ability to tap into your audiences emotions.” – Mark Stevens 

Use business cards, letters, photos, papers,… predict company logos, fruits, sports, flags, names, words, numbers, ESP symbols, characters…anything you can think of. You can customize it by drawing or writing by hand, or printing directly from the computer. There are alternatives of new types of finals, with apparent faults, explanations of different methods using M.V.P., ideas to build one in giant size…and material is included so you can start preparing your sets yourself. M.V.P. can be examined, before and after. You can finish everything “clean”.

Materials included.

  • New routines, ideas and endings explained with which you will fool even fellow Magicians.
  • Several routines of the professional repertoire of Gonzalo.
  • Study of the history of the effect and alternatives.
  • Simple, practical, powerful and professional.

Welcome to M.V.P., The Mental Versatile Prediction.


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