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Mental Transmission Box-German

Mental Transmission Box-German

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Divination Box by Carl Willmann.

This is a very beautiful effect from the late 1800's by Carl Willmann; the Mental Transmission Box from Germany. This little beauty is in great condition. Two chests, one within the other. The inner chest is removed as are the wooden blocks which are contained within.

The performer turns his back while the blocks are returned to the inner chest in an order only known to the spectator. This chest is then locked within the outer chest.

The performer simply picks up the sealed chest and places it near his ear. He then reveals the order of the blocks. The chests are opened, and it is revealed that the performer is one hundred percent correct.

Both chests may be examined. This is a very clever effect and now very hard to find in this condition. Supplied with original German instructions.

From the Viking Magic Vault.

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