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Murphy's Magic

Mental Chip

Mental Chip

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This devious new mentalism concept is a clever, self-working way to secretly obtain information from your audience.

Twelve different colored chips are shown to be the same color on both sides and are laid out on a clipboard. While you look away, an audience member randomly chooses one chip and flips it over. You then empty all the chips back into the bag and are able to correctly guess which chip was chosen.

The front and back of the chips are really identical, and the audience can carefully inspect them. Despite being completely self-working, this effect with baffle and amaze even the most discerning audiences. It's very easy to do and the simple, direct handling makes it extra powerful and magical.

  • No markings
  • No electronic devices
  • No assistants or stooges
  • Chips are examinable
  • Self-working

"Mental Chips" by N2G and Kaifu Wang comes with everything you need to start performing right away, including the chips, a storage bag and the clipboard. You'll be ready to harness the power of "Mental Chips" as soon as you open the box.

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