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Viking Magic

Malini Egg Bag Deluxe

Malini Egg Bag Deluxe

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Our Deluxe Malini Egg Bag is the finest or your money back.


Malini Egg Bag Deluxe This is considered the finest design ever invented for the Egg Bag routine. Used by leading professionals the world over.

Imagine causing an egg to magically appear and vanish using a small black bag. Nothing complicated, no body loads, etc.

Our Viking/Malini Bag Deluxe is the finest available today. You will delight in the quality of the stitching, the luxurious feel of the wrinkle-resistant black silk material and the precise nature of our design which makes this bag work right EVERY TIME! An Egg Bag that is a sheer delight to use.

Comes with Viking's detailed instructions. Bag measures 8" long x 7" wide. Constructed of black silk material.

There are other bags on the market which sell up to $100.00; if you don't think our bag is as good or better, simply ask for a refund. But we know you won't!

NOTE: Back in 1965, I was given personal instruction by Charlie Miller in Joe Berg's Magic Shop and have constructed our bag using his direction..GR

Now supplied with fake solid white egg.

The difference between the Deluxe Egg Bag and our standard Egg Bag is the material and size. The Deluxe is a more luxurious silk bag.


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