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BARGAIN BUNDLE ASSORTMENT: Each bundle contains an assortment of new unused effects at a big discount. One of each only.


  1. Quiver Switch Purse by Glitch Studio – A revolutionary new switching device crafted in black leather and disguised as a standard looking coin pouch – Spectator can open and close it by themselves and they will find nothing. Pouch can be freely handled.   Can be tilored to fit any magic or mentalism routine.  price - $39.95;      Now $20.00
  2. Masuda’s Frozen in Time – Masuda’’s legendary masterpiece shows a photo frame containing a picture of a pocket watch on the table facing down. A spectator is asked to name their favorite hour.  The the photo frame is turned over to reveal the photo of the watch with the time exactly matching the spectator’s chosen hour.  The photo is “frozen” in the clear acrylic frame.  Beautiful concept and quality prop.  price - $85.00 this effect easy to perform.  Can also be performed without a deck.  No longer available. Now Price -- $35.00
  3. Any Signed Card to Spectator’s Wallet by Jeff Kaylor and Michael Ammar - Any card is chosen, signed and placed back into the deck.  The spectator takes out his wallet, and his signed card is found in his wallet.  This is the ultimate card control utility to control one or multiple selected cards. Includes DVD and Gimmick.  Orig Price - $40.00;      Now $20.00
  4. Collector’s Deck – Never opened. Purchased in Italy called “ROME: Caesar” designed by Randy Butterfield and printed by Midnight Cards. $10.00;   Now - $8.00
  5. Black & White Surprise (Color Changing Coins) – Orig. $59.95; Now $25.00
  6. Red See Passover (The ultimate Though-of Card Across by Imon Aronson Price $20;           Now $15

Orig. Price- $254.90      Total Now Price - $123.00


  1. Ultra Mental Dice by Tricks Inc. – Magician shows a square plastic tube explaining that it contains six dice – 5 white and 1 red. Routine involves dice moving places within the tube  matching a prediction by of spectator.  See Andy Martin’s description on his website.  Price $35; Now $25.00
  2. Your Favorite Card Special Edition (Masuda) – price $95.00; utilizes same principal as Frozen in Time. No longer available. Orig. price $95.00;   Now $45.00
  3. Boxing Match by Masuda – Orig. $35.00; Now $20.00
  4. Hypno-Bill – visual bill change – includes written instructions and DVD - Orig. Price $15; Now $10.00
  5. Omarori – never used –By allowing the light to go through the Omamori, spectator’s message is emerged and revealed. Message can be changed or allowed to disappear.  Orig $50.00; Now $35.00
  6. Breath-Al-Izer by Mak Magic –See Andy Martin’s website for description; Orig. $60.00; Now $35.00
  7. Don’t Cry for the Star (card magic by Katsuya Masuda); Orig. Price $43.00; Now $25.00

Total Orig. Price - $333.00     Now Total - $195.00


  • Skycap 2.0 – (Paul Harris) –; Bottle cap penetration requires no setup or reset. This specially engineered cap is white.  Can be completely examined and then screwed onto a normal empty clear bottle.  Take a rolled up bill or straw or pen and visibly push it through the cap and into the sealed bottle.  Comes with cap, instructional download with routines plus the entire original SKYCAP 1 download.  Price - $39.95; Now $20.00
  • Travering by Yasakazu Niishiro Beautifully made by Tricks Co. A borrowed wedding band is placed into a holder in one portion of a plastic case covered by a small piece of paper and the lid closed.  Then a borrowed ballpoint pen is stabbed through a hole in the opposite end.  Then the paper is ripped off and the ring is found secured onto the ballpoint pen.   $45.00; Now $30.00
  • Bob Kohler’s Aces in Their Places – Bob’s routine replaces MacDonald’s Aces – Orig. $30.00;
  • Now $15.00
  • Double Back by Jon Allen – Two cards undeniably in your hands instantly change places. Performed on Late Night TV – Orig. Price - $25.00 (no dvd but written instructions plus gimmick cards)  Now $15.00
  • Paul Fox’s Miracle Gimmick – A small gimmick that allows the performer to secretly discover the identity of cards merely “thought of” by one or more spectators – Orig. $20.00; Now $12.00

Total NOW Price $92.00

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