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BARGAIN MAGIC BUNDLES: we have selected new unused effects at a huge discount. One bundle only of each. 

Bundle #1 – Mentalism

  • Wizard PK Ring (gold) – orig. price $48.00
  • LEAP by Augus Tjiu (sells for $69.95 on other websites)
  • BIP Book 2.0 by Scott Creasy (Alakazam Magic sells for$38.50)
  • Metal Vision (brass) – determine which side of a quarter placed in brass box (heads or tails) -$25
  • Gene Elmo’s Sure Fire Prediction – Forcing Deck – no longer made; $5.00

Price -  Orig. Value - $197.45; BUY NOW for $85.00

Bundle #2 – Mentalism

  • Svenpad’s Celebrity (The Celebrity Book Test by Mike Maione & Brett Barry) – orig. price $139.00; Now Sell $85.00
  • PSI-POWER – A revolutionary gimmick that you can take anywhere and have the ability via remote control to control objects up to 15 feet away. Animate small objects in real time.  Never used; Orig. price was $99.50; Now $60.00
  • Steve Shaw’s (aka Banacheck) Psychokinetic Time (24-page soft cover booklet) – a phenomenal impromptu, close-up presentation for altering time on a spectator’s borrowed watch - $25.00; Now $15.00
  • The Spy (sneak peek pad) by Mark Elsdon – Orig. price $40.00; no longer made; Now $25.00
  • The Locking Deck by Tim Spinosa - $29.95; Now $10.00

Orig. Value $333.45; BUY NOW $195.00

Bundle #3 – Magic

  • Magic Mike’s Wizard Wands (3 paddles made from East India Rosewood) - Orig. $40; now $15.00
  • Levitation Tricks – Includes 48 page book with 13 tricks plus the levitating card trick – Orig. Price $7.95; Now $5
  • Terri Rogers’ Block Buster (produced by Martin Breese) – Orig. $75; Now $40.00
  • Crystal Card by Pieras Fitikides – Orig. Price - $49.00; Now $25.00
  • The Stealth Pen presented by Rick Lax - $30; Now $20.00 w/th DVD, gimmicked and non-gimmicked pen
  • Secrets of the DEKRAM Deck - Deck of specially marked cards on Master Playing Cards plus 28-page booklet  of routines using a marked deck (“Secrets of the Dekram Deck”) – Orig. $25.00; Now $10.00
  • Super Nail – Orig. $32.00; Now $20

Orig. Value - $258.95; BUY NOW for $135.00

Bundle #4 – Magic/mentalism

  • Larry Becker’s Sneak Thief – Four spectators draw whatever comes to mind, and the performer reveals who draws what and reads the thoughts of the final spectator. Includes four genuine black leather memo holders with brass corners fashioned by Roy Roth.  Price $75.00; Now $45.00 (See Larry Becker’s “Stunners” for more information.
  • Richard Sanders’ Remarkable – Includes DVD and multiple Sharpie Pens with the names of Six of Clubs, Two of Spades and Six of Hearts written in font style of “Sharpie” logo.  Routines involve forcing card and revealing via a Sharpie pen.  Three pens for repeat performances.  $35.00; Now $25.00
  • AVALANCHE – by Paul Harris – A Blank Deck routine instantly transforms your cards into an examinable BLANK – Orig. price - $35.00; Now $25.00
  • T-1000 by Nemo (produced by Hanson Chien Production Co – most popular magic product at the TMA

T-1000 (w/Online Instructions)  by Nemo & Hanson Chien – Effect involves two chains melting through one another in front of the spectator.  Numerous other possibilities of visual effects are possible.  A highly visual solid through solid effect that can be done anywhere at any time.  Was the most popular magic product at the TMA Magic Convention in 2018.  Orig. Price $35.00; Now $20.00

  • Buma’s Orb – a complete sellout at Blackpool 2020 – Orig. Price - $50; Now $30.

Orig. Value - $230.00; BUY NOW - $137.50

Bundle #5 – Magic – Packet Tricks

  • WOW! – A revolutionary color changing card effect. Named by Lance Burton when he first saw the effect demonstrated by Katsuya Masuda, this effect slows the performer to actual show the spectators see how the card changes into another one.  A unique effect which has become extremely popular in the magic community.  It looks like trick photography.  Price $40.00; Now Price $20.00
  • A Bicycle Built for Five by Ton Onosaka – Five bike-riding jokers are displayed front and back. One joke – the leader – is put aside face-down.  One by one, the remaining jokers turn over.  Using the Elmsley Count, the jokers are missing but then found on the face of the leader card.  Comes complete with full instructions and necessary specially printed Bicycle cards.  Price $15.00; Now $10.00
  • Copy & Paste by Masuda –; Orig. price $25; Now $15.00
  • Mirage Card by Ton Onosaka - orig. price $15; Now $10
  • Two Card Mystery by Katsuya Masuda - Orig. price $18.00; Now $10
  • AMY Rising Cards - Orig. Price $30.00; Now $15
  • Color Changing Swiss Army Type Knives – new, never opened; by Dave Powell -

Orig. Value - $45.00; Now $25.00

  • The Money Card by Mike Williams – Orig. Price $12.98; Now $7.50
  • The Devil’s Own Oil and Water (Martin Breese Prod.) - $10.00; Now $7.00

Orig. Pricing - $210.98; BUY NOW $119.50

Bundle #6

  • Pen Through Anything (orig. John Cornelius; MontBlanc Pen Style) – $65.00; Now $30.00
  • Pen Through Anything (orig. John Cornelius; Cross Pen Style) - $45.00; Now $25.00
  • Perfect Pen (John Cornelius) – only one pen is used $65.00; Now $35
  • The Locked Deck by Zanadu – Selected card vanishes from a locked deck only to be found later in the performer’s pocket – Orig. $15; Now $10.00
  • Chris Kenworthey’s ESP Deck – An “any card at any number” effect that will fool your audience. - $30.00

Now $15.00

  • Strongman by Jimmy Strange – Metal bending utilizing a brand new concept – a new type of gimmick that can be felt as solid yet can bend upon your command. $60.00; Now $36.00
  • Koornwinder Transparent Car – a transparent acrylic version of the Koornwinder Kar made famous by Juan Tamirez and invented by Dick Koornwinder. Prices for this effect range from $50.00. tp $100+.  The car is placed at the end of a row of cards, and then will stop at one card that turns out to be the card selected.  $75.00; Now $35.00
  • Larry Kram’s Miracle Molecule Rings – Orig. $25.00; Now $18
  • Eye Exam by Danny Archer – Orig. $12.00; Now $6.00

TOTAL VALUE - $392; NOW PRICE $210.00

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