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Karl Edler Godfather of Micro Magic

Karl Edler Godfather of Micro Magic

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The Magic of Karl Edler-Godfather of Micro-Magic.

Very few US magicians know of Karl Edler, but magicians throughout Europe and especially Austria and Germany know the name all too well. Karl Edler is considered the godfather of micro-magic. His contributions to the art of magic have been hidden far too long. Olaf Guthling of Germany has spent many hundreds of hours researching the life and times of Karl Edler and has produced a superb book in German which has been faithfully translated by George Robinson Jr., who has added many more photographs and inside information not available in the original tome.

You will now be able to reach into the mind of a prolific creator who has given much to the world of magic. Karl Edler is credited with the first mummy effect, Mummien which started the mummy craze we all have experienced. His Mummien sets are now highly collectible as are all of his original effects.

Do you know who invented the spinning propeller toy we all use as a magical effect? Millions of Whirligigs have been sold all over the world, but not once was Karl Elder given credit for its invention. What about the Mystery Clock? There are so many more effects that have never been credited to this wonderful, private inventor but they are now.

For the first time, you will be allowed to enter the mind of this creative genius. You will see effects created by Karl whose lineage has been lost to time until now.

This book is loaded with color photos of effects that have been spawned by his original creations. Many of his effects are explained for the first time. Edler’s life and times are laid before you in chronological order. History has now been corrected and Karl Edler has now been allowed to take his place among the greatest inventors of magic in our lifetime.

This beautiful hardbound book with dustcover is limited to 200 copies.

Pages: 420

A quality production by Collectors' Workshop.

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