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Viking Magic

Kaps Lecture Notes-booklet

Kaps Lecture Notes-booklet

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Learn from the master; timeless magic.

    • FRED KAPS-The Legend: "Effect should come first, method second" was Fred's rule. Here he covers complete routines on:
    • Coins Thru Table
    • Twisting the Aces
    • One Cup
    • Three Ball Routine
    • In Debt routine on money
    • Real Magic Silk effect
    • Newspaper to Dollars
    • Tenkai Card Production
    • Red in Blue Deck,
    • Sound Coin Vanish
    • Silver and Copper
    • Close Up Working Area
    • Dreibeek Variations
    • Coin Change
    • & Vanish, Kap's Theory. Whew! Amazing stuff.

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