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Collectors Workshop

Jewel by Collectors' Workshop

Jewel by Collectors' Workshop

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JEWEL: One of our finest and most popular mental effects completely updated. It’s been almost five years since we produced Jewel; our new version has been completely redesigned and updated. This is but one of many original CW items being brought back into action.

SUGGESTED STAGING: The performer asks a group of five volunteers to each select at random a jewelry pouch from amongst a jewelry box full of trinkets. No one knows what is contained in each pouch other than the performer but even that knowledge won't help him since his back is turned during the selection.

Each volunteer is asked to open his/her pouch and without revealing its contents to anyone but simply to concentrate on the contents. They are then told to hold the pouches behind their back. The performer then asks one of the volunteers to take a step forward. The performer concentrates for a moment, then asks the volunteer to step back. This is done with each of the remaining four volunteers.

Now, the performer turns around and, pointing to one of the volunteers, names the object contained within the pouch. He offers a short reading based on the hidden object and how it might relate to the spectator’s unconscious selection. This is repeated with the remaining four volunteers. His divination is 100% correct in each case.

No questions are asked, the bags are not marked or gimmicked in any way. Any object may be placed within the pouches, since they are also not gimmicked. The performer has his back to the volunteers the whole time yet he is able to determine who has what without a cluse as to the method.

You are supplied with a beautiful walnut jewelry chest, the finest woodwork as Collectors' Workshop is known for. A bag full of jewelry and trinkets, leather pouches and complete instructions. 

Chest measures: 12" x 8" x 5"



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