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Viking Magic

Jaks or Better

Jaks or Better

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Jaks or Better, jaks better


The beauty of Stanley Jaks' Magic lies, in large part, in the evocative and unusual items he chose to support his manicured presentations. From that extraordinary collection, we are delighted to recreate and release one of the most unusual of his effects.

  • The performer distributes blank business card sized slips to the audience with the request that they be inscribed with a message, drawing or some geometric symbol and signed.

  • A spectator is invited to select one slip, at random, and seal it in an envelope.

  • The envelope is then sealed (by the spectator) between two metal plates held together with a bolt and wing nut.

  • The plates, themselves suspended from a polished chrome chain, are returned to the performer.
    Performer stands before a large easel and, gently swinging the pendulum back and forth, (or the spectator can do this), and unerringly duplicates the message or design and the signature on the large tablet.

The spectator who created the message verifies its complete accuracy. And remember this, the performer NEVER touches the selected card, never touches the sealed envelope and he does NOT ask any probing questions.

This is a wholly unique and remarkably pretty effect. It is suitable for close up or stage. The concept is diabolical. It is the product of the mind of a man who cared deeply about his craft and about stunning, unforgettable entertainment.

You will carry this effect with you as you do your most prized possessions. You will perform it with confidence and great satisfaction. You will be remembered for it.

Comes complete with leather wallet, red powder coated metal plates*, chain , sample envelopes (ungimmicked) and complete instructions.

*we have opted to use the powder-coated plates in lieu of the brass plates as the brass plates constantly tarnished and require constant polishing.
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