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Damir Djanis

Intangibility by Damir Djanis

Intangibility by Damir Djanis

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The ONLY Ball Thru Coin that can be performed surrounded!

INTANGIBILITY. Steel Ball Thru Coin-Surrounded-Examinable. Beautiful in execution and design. From the Damir Limited Edition Collection (#3).

The effect is straight-forward: A gleaming steel ball passes visibly through a Morgan Silver Dollar. The case, coin and steel ball can be minutely examined. A true collectible that you will treasure and use.

"I have wanted to produce this effect for many years, but the locking method escaped me. I first purchased the Coin of the Realm back in 1966. I loved the effect, but it always bothered me that it was basically a one-on-one effect. There was no way one could hide the method if you had observers around you. I kept this in the back of my mind for many years and from time to time I would doodle around trying to figure out a way of working this so that it could be performed surrounded. My initial ideas were very complex and so I discarded them.

I recently shared my idea with Damir, a very creative thinker from Croatia and he put his creative genius to work. Within a couple of months and some trial and error he discovered the solution. Something I should have thought about, since he used the method, I use in locking our Glass Heart. Sometimes you just don’t see the forest for the trees.

Damir not only perfected the system but did a masterful job in the construction of this wonderful effect. My dream has now become a reality and the end result is in your hands. While most of the Demir Limited Edition items are limited to 24 pieces, I felt that this unique and clever effect should have a wider distribution, hence we have made 50 pieces available at this time."...George Robinson                                                                 

*Available in Walnut or European Mahogany.

Photos show both the walnut version and the mahogany version.

5" x 2 5/8" x 7/8"

* The lumber used by Damir was harvested from his property and hand hewn. Trees are over 40 years old.

Comment from one customer: 

Hi George, this is a master piece “awesome” job. Love this piece, congratulations. 


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