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Viking Magic

ImPRESSion-IPhone 6s

ImPRESSion-IPhone 6s

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ImPRESSion will blow your audience away! For iPhone 6s or similar sized phone.  For other sizes, see below.

NEW....INGENIOUS.....MIND BLOWING...INSTANT.....ImPRESSion will be your most presented effect. We guarantee it!

A most recent and spectacular method where the performer can cause a blister to appear on any finger or fingers revealing a selected card, pip or number!

Brought to you by the ingenious mind of Chris Brent and finely crafted by our craftsmen at Viking/Collectors' Workshop.

A beautiful walnut phone case for either an iPhone6 or iPhone6 Plus that will allow you to instantly and secretly perform any blister effect ever conceived. It happens right in front of your audience and they never suspect a thing. The image/blister is well defined and the handling is covered in minute detail. You are supplied with detailed instructions that include some incredible reveals along with Tony Andruzzi's original blister effect.

Simply slip your phone into this beautifully crafted case and you are set to perform any number of great effects; it will be with you where ever you go. perform any time, any where.

No cumbersome gimmick that has to be hidden in your pocket, no limit to the card prediction choices. Nothing out of the ordinary to create suspicion. Access instantly.

For IPhone 6s or similar sized phone.

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