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Viking Magic

Hot Ball

Hot Ball

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Hot Ball: The Hot Ball has been used by pseudo mentalists and readers for over 100 years. A metal ball is shown and placed on a spectator's hand. It feels cold to the touch. After a few seconds on 'conditioning' the spectator begins to feel the ball getting warmer, then so hot they can hardly hold it. Is it mind control, hypnosis or just a clever trick. It's all in the presentation. The ball actually does get very hot.

Our ball measures 2" in diameter, machined from solid brass and electro-coated in silver.

Please note that this ball is sold as a collectible and designed to be used by professionals who understand the use and handling of chemicals. Not sold to minors. You must be 21 or older in order to purchase this effect.

Supplied with detailed instructions.

Production limited to 100 pieces.

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