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Viking Magic

Horizontal Card Rise-standard

Horizontal Card Rise-standard

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Horizontal Card Rise-standard


Horizontal Card Rise: This is a lovely effect which is as baffling as it is entertaining.

Effect:The performer has two cards selected and replaced in the deck. The deck is placed in a small custom acrylic and walnut houlette which is then placed on a small wooden base and covered with a glass dome. The cards are shown with the faces toward the audience, completely isolated and impossible to touch. The whole affair is now covered with a silk hank.

The performer explains that, with proper concentration, the selected card can be made to travel horizontallythrough the deck and appear at its face.

first spectator is asked to concentrate on his card. The silk is snapped away from the dome: The selected card has moved horizontally to the front of the deck!

Now, the performer raises the stakes dramatically. Removing the cards from the houlette, he encircles the entire deck with an elastic band. The cards are set in the houlette and again the dome replaced and covered by the handkerchief.

The second spectator concentrates: instantly, the silk is removed to show that the second chosen card has journeyed to the front of the deck even under these seemingly impossible conditions.

This is a fine resurrection of a first-rate effect. The workmanship is extraordinary as always. In short, it is an effect you will be delighted to perform. And, when you're not performing it, it will sit on a bookshelf as one of your most pleasing pieces of collectible apparatus.

NOTE: No strings, wires, magnets; no difficult sleights. Comes complete with dome, base, custom houlette and regulation Poker Bicycle Cards. Use your own handkerchief. Detailed instructions.

Base: depending on what we have available, this will either be made of walnut or mahogany (our choice).

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