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Viking Magic

Hooked Coin 50 cent coin

Hooked Coin 50 cent coin

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A wonderful and easy way to vanish a fifty cent piece.

Hooked 50 cent coin. One of the most underused gimmicks available to the coin worker. Coin can be vanished or made to appear instantly. No palming, sleeving, no sleight of hand. Just toss into the air and it vanishes. Can be made to reappear as well. Instant reset.

A hooked coin is exactly like the title suggests; a coin with a small hook welded into it. The main use of this hook is to hold out the coin on a piece of clothing so that you can easily retrieve it to produce it. While only a few routines using this gimmick have seen print, Bobo's Modern Coin Magic features a number of routines utilizing this special, yet underused coin.

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