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Hofzinser's Rose Mirror

Hofzinser's Rose Mirror

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GARD is a Europena company known for their exquisit workmanship and quality. We are proud to represent them and take pride in adding their products to our Viking Mfg./Collectors' Workshop line of high quality products.

The Apotheosis of The Rose by Gard Modern Magic Studio: Invented by Johann Hofzinser and meticulously reproduced by GARD.

The Performer takes a wooden hand mirror from a case and he displays it on both sides to spectators. He covers one side with a silk kerchief and then two red roses appear in the mirror. Now with soft music the performer recites a poem about life and death; meanwhile the roses commence to slowly change their color to white. Covering the mirror with the silk kerchief again, the performer apparently removes the roses from it, the image in the mirror having vanished.

Details: The hand mirror frame is made from wood with dimensions 41 x 20 cm and it´s design is inspired by a Zauber-Klingl mirror. The shading and the greenery surrounding the blossoms are printed on the mirror and heated to high temperature. This process ensures that the image will not scratch or peel off over time. To be effective, the image of the roses is based on a rose painting by the greatest botanical illustrator of all time Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840). Manually operated. Comes with detailed instruction written by GARD and Richard Hatch together with Poems in English and German language.


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