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Viking Magic

Himber Ring StaggerRing

Himber Ring StaggerRing

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The tried and tested Himber Ring has for years been a favorite of magicians and mentalists alike. Kreskin earned a reputation with it, and later David Copperfield even performed the trick in his wildly successful touring show.

Now, for a mere fraction of the price of similar rings, Viking has released its version of this classic trick. Imagine this: You borrow three finger rings from three different audience members. These rings are then shown to have magically linked together. It's the linking ring trick done with borrowed rings! Nothing could be more mind-blowing. At the end of the routine, the rings are un-linked and returned to the spectators who loaned them to the magician. They're completely baffled. This is one of the strongest tricks you can perform both close-up and stand-up.

Goldtone metal. Sure locking. Supplied with duplicate ungimmicked ring.

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