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1878 Press

Herrmann Chronicles

Herrmann Chronicles

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By James Hamilton

James Hamilton was the world’s foremost authority on the Herrmann dynasty of magicians. For over fifty years, he researched, collected, and emulated his idols. James Hamilton adored all the Herrmanns - Alexander, Adelaide, Compars, Samuel, Léon, and Felix. Hamilton’s spirited lectures and stories were drawn from his “Herrmann Bible,” a dog-eared volume of notes and information that formed the cornerstone of his highly anticipated book-in-progress, an ambitious multi-biography of all the Herrmanns.

Sadly, Hamilton passed away before completing his book. However, he left behind a significant partial manuscript exquisitely detailing the origins of the Herrmann family, as well as the life and career of Compars Herrmann.

James Hamilton’s final wish was that his life’s work be published and shared with the world. To that end, his friends and fellow Herrmann historians, David Haversat and Margaret Steele, have produced The Herrmann Chronicles, a compendium of James Hamilton’s unpublished book manuscript, his lecture monographs, and selected images from his extensive Herrmann collection.

An important historical resource, The Herrmann Chronicles contains a vast amount of research published nowhere else. James’s chatty, first-person voice speaks from the page as he enthusiastically explores Herrmanniana’s nooks and crannies, including Alexander Herrmann’s passion for horses and for smoking, Léon Herrmann’s partnership with future Paramount Pictures founder Jesse L. Lasky, and Felix Herrmann’s vicious feud with his Aunt Adelaide. Hamilton himself speaks from a bygone era, inhabited by friends such as Moi-Yo Miller, Channing Pollack, and Kirk Kirkham.

The Herrmann Chronicles is a “must have” for all magic historians and collectors. As the first-ever volume to include the entire Herrmann dynasty, The Herrmann Chronicles is a valuable information resource, as well as a loving tribute to the Herrmanns’ greatest historian, James Hamilton. 

  • Hardcover
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  • Over 180 pages
  • Over 100 Rare Photographs and Illustrations
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