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Cherchez La Femme-Plus

Cherchez La Femme-Plus

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A blast from the past, updated and improved. All hand-crafted in our shop. Two distinct strong routines for the price of one.

Cherchez La Femme, French for ‘Look for the Woman’, is a classic effect in card magic. We have given this effect a new look as well as a new way of handling. Instead of two Jacks and a Queen, we have opted for a more elaborate and magical routine where the Queen can change places with three Jacks.

Three Jack of Diamonds are shown and placed into an acrylic stand. They are visible all the time through the holes in the stand. One Queen of Clubs is caused to change places with the Jacks in a most magical way. Then the Queen appears as twins... but that is an illusion, there is only one Queen!

Our new updated routine and handling will make this one of your favorite effects.

You are supplied with a beautiful red and black acrylic stand along with the necessary gimmicked cards.

Stand comes apart for easy storage. A Viking Mfg. quality product.

In addition, we are supplying you with the special cards to perform Grant's T.V. Aces. A wonderful transposition of four Aces and three Fives at no extra charge.

NOTE: The photo does not show the true beautiful red of the acrylic stand.

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